Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabric Easter Baskets

Cut 2 squres of fabric, and 1 square of batting 16x16 each.

Cut a 5x5 inch square out of each corner to form a cross.

Cut 2 strips of fabric and 1 strip of batting 12x 1/2 inch for handle of your basket.

Take the crosses ad sew right sides together with a 2/8 inch seam to form a cube.

Sew the right sides together of your handle on outside. Leave an openig to flip. Flip it, and sew the opening and all around the handle.

Match the seams right sides to right side with stuffing on the outside of your basket. Pin your handle in place. Sew together leaving an opening to turn.

Turn it inside out so stuffing is on the inside. Sew the opening and top stitch all around the top of your basket.

Sew a square corner to corner at the bottom of your basket.

Add any ribbon, or lace that you like to decorate your basket.